The Elbasan Castle / Kalaja E Elbasanit

The Elbasan Castle, along with the surrounding walls, points to the military importance of the city of Elbasan in the early Ottoman period. The southern wall, more or less complete, attests to the size and strength of the fortifications, as well as a part of Roman and Byzantine materials that were used during the reconstruction of Mehmet II , can be clearly seen on the foundations of the south western tower. This castle had 26 towers equidistant from each other, throughout the wall of 9 m height. This fortress includes a part of Via Egnatia passing through it.

People of the castle

They practiced all the crafts. There are many people of the castle that can be respected. Robert, with his popular culture, confuses us with no end. He forgets the Bicakcins, Cakas, Noset, Popaj, Shuteriqs, and the dozens of others, which we do not mention, and tries to redo their race. The Bicycles, who have been good soldiers but also engineers and architects, are not in him. They are not the others … To him, he finds in some sense the reason why the castle collapsed little by little: From the low interest of the people themselves, from the pressure of the communist state to entire families and … from poverty. I understand the man, who finally becomes nostalgic.

The man at the edge of the main gate of the fortress manages to sell a handkerchief to someone. You get happy a moment as we go back to Tirana. He smiles happy. Here we close it. Berti does not follow us anymore. He went and sat on the sofa of his threshold. In the end, I was told a humorous thing. As they came to the monument of Christophorus, they came and asked his grandmother, Little Don, (who had seen him) how the Teacher looked. “How alive, had responded. Then she was raised and asked for the party secretary’s ear: You had one cup of glass. I liked it. He could not do without him, “he had said frankly. We left Bertin. Separate. He opens his mouth. I fly. Pija has succeeded. It’s a nocturnal leap open, where the noise of the generator has long been dormant. It’s a summer day of 2007.